Apart from the 6 lessons (which were eye-opening), I must say that this line really struck a chord in me.

" hesitating to speak up is a sign we have something valuable to say. "

This is such a wonderful way of reframing the situation. You're making it seem like we're missing out on a great opportunity. Wow, I am going to take this mindset for my own!

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Thank you for sharing that even veterans like you experience this hesitation in front of a crowd, Rick. Makes me feel better!

Thanks for teaching us more eloquently through your vulnerability.

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Thanks Rick. I enjoyed reading this. I totally agree about the psychological safety in teams. My problem is thinking that I have be very clever and witty in my talks but realise people mostly just want to see you as you really are! From what I understand you’re saying that when you show your humanity, the connection with the audience will happen. Is this right?

Sorry I can’t make Thurs. I’m taking my god daughter to an early dinner xx

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I had a 'just keep going' moment after a few days of 'what's the point' thinking. Feels similar to being afraid of taking the chance and then kicking my own ass for not doing so...

Wonder if there's something in the water or the stars...

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Rick, I learn so much from you. About life, about speaking, about relating, and how to write better - this was such a exquisitely written call back - very shiny:

“So there I was. The silent, experienced professional speaker watching wisdom flow from the mouth of innocent bravery.”

How does one not remember that??


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As always, quite useful info, Rick.

Something has clicked regarding stories with your on-going instruction. I’m seeing it like this: If I have a thesis statement or am teaching something, say, like the swimming example from last time, and I say to first time water explorers, ‘swimming takes time to build endurance but it’s worth it,’ then share about losing race after race, then about struggling through better training, then about how the first win felt, it’s all to illustrate ‘swimming takes time to build endurance but it’s worth it.’

A story is, ‘here’s what I mean.’

So someone can experience the idea you’re asserting. They can digest it. ‘Get’ it.

Do you think along this line?

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“There are moments when we need to be able to bypass the automatic caution we apply to new situations and take a leap.”

So true! And love that you open up about your fear of speaking in unplanned settings. Definitely makes you relatable as a speaking coach. :)

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